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Click this picture to see a brief Biography of Louis XIV Click this picture for information on the Chateau Instructions and pictures for your visit to the Gardens of Versailles Instructions and pictures for your other sights at Versailles
Click on the pic of Louis XIV for a brief biography & some other info Click on the pic of the Chateau for visit instructions, pictures, etc Click on the pic of the Gardens and Park for visit instructions, pictures, etc . . . Click on the pic of the Queen's Hameau for other sights and information about Versailles

General Information

If you have a museum pass, you can bypass the long line. Look for Entrance A2

The museum pass is also good for the Grand and Petite Triannons

The palace opens at 9:00 am. From Paris, you will have to start towards Versailles around 7:30.
Find a ticket window and ask for two round trip tickets to Versailles RG. The RG stands for Rive Gauche or Left River. A standard subway ticket is no good for this ride. Versailles is in Region Four and you need a special ticket. Keep it. You will need it to get out of the station once you get to Versailles and also to get back. You will have to go down to the subway following the signs for "RER C5" and "RER C7". They will both run on the same track. The Versailles RG one is C5. When you get to the platform, look at the TV monitors that are overhead. Each train has a 4-letter name designated. Look on the monitor for the train that says VERSAILLES RG - XXXX - where XXXX is the 4-letter name - It might be PONY or ROCK - it could be anything. Watch the front of the train for that name. It will NOT be one of the double decker trains! If you do not see a Versailles RG on the monitor try the other side of the track! This is much easier than it sounds! Stay on the train until they kick you off! The last stop is Versailles RG. When you get to Versailles, ask what time the last train to Paris is and be sure you are back at the station in time if you decide to stay all day. When you want to return to Paris go to the station and ask them which train is the one to Paris. Just look dumb, point to the trains and say "PARIS???" Do not chicken out and pay the big price for the Versailles Day Trip from Paris on one of the Tour Busses. You will spend extra money, have less time in Versailles, and spend your whole day in line.

When you arrive in the train station, exit the station and follow the signs to the Palace. It is a very short walk. You will turn right, walk a block or so and then take a left. You cannot miss it.

Ideally you should spend two days here. One for the buildings and one for the gardens/fountains and buildings that are in the gardens/fountains. The only day the fountains run is on Sunday. If you go on Sunday it will be very crowded, but you will get to see the fountains. I would recommend going during the week to the palace, and going on Sunday afternoon and evening for the gardens and fountains. I believe that on Sunday there are fireworks after dark (but I don't know if there is a train back!!!)


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