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Notre Dame

The cathedral was commissioned by Maurice de Sully, the Bishop of Paris, in 1163 but building was not completed until the mid 13th century. DO NOT FORGET to walk around to the small park in the back. If you have time, leave the park at the back of the Church and visit the Isle St. Louis. You can't miss the main street and it is a fun walk. The view from behind of the flying buttresses is fantastic! Fee to go up to the bell tower. Free to go inside. When you walk from St. Chapelle to Notre Dame you will pass the Hospital where Princess Diana died.
Statues of the Apostles on the Portal of the Last Judgment at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris
Niche with Angels and Saints from Sculptural Program of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris

St. Denis holding his head!

Front View of Notre Dame
Gargoyles designed by Eugene Emanuel Viollet-le-Duc, ca. 1841-1864, serve as water spouts at the top of the West Towers of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. In the picture on the right, you can see the Tour St. Jacques and Sacre Coeur in the background.
Above: Rose window from outside
Below: Rose window from inside.
Above: Notre Dame from the park in the back.
Below: Inside of Notre Dame

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