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Click to read the Journal of my 1st trip to Paris My favorites are shown below:
That's my friend Jim above. My first trip to Paris was with Jim on "business". We had a great time. Click on the Beer Mug to read my journal. I still can't believe he drank both of those beers and didn't buy one for me. Some friend.  
Place Carte Musees Description
Louvre (outside)

Louvre (inside)

Yes In my opinion this is the #1 attraction in Paris. Most people would agree that it is the best museum in the world. I have two pages set up. One for the outside which contains information for your visit, one with pictures of many of the items inside the Louvre.
Versailles Yes The Palace at Versailles is my favorite place to go when I am in France. Technically it's not in Paris, but if you go to Paris you should not miss Versailles
Notre Dame Free Notre Dame is the huge Gothic Cathedral on the Isle de la Cite.
Invalides Yes Musee de L'Armee / Tombeau de Napolean
Orsay Yes Musee D'Orsay - This is an old train station. It is almost all impressionist paintings. If you do not like the impressionist paintings skip it. I thought I would hate it, but it was very good. It is right along the river.
St. Chapelle Yes Sainte Chapelle - This is on the Isle de la Cite behind the Concierge. It has some of the tallest stained glass windows in the world. It is not worth purchasing an individual ticket, but if I had one already I would not miss it. It is not easy to see from the street. It will be behind some iron gates. Ask if you cannot find it
Eiffel Tower NO You can't go to Paris and not go to the Top of the Tower!
Vendome,Ritz, L'Alma Free Place Vendome is a famous square in Paris. It's where the Ritz Hotel is located. Princess Diana's car left the Ritz, and crashed at the Place de L'Alma. This page shows them all!
Luxembourg Free Jardin du Luxembourg - This is a great park. You will like to just walk around and check out the people, gardens, fountains, and statues.
Tuileries & Concorde Free Jardin des Tuilleries - This is another great park. Neat view from the Louvre towards the Arch. At the opposite end of the gardens from the Louvre is a roundabout called Place Concorde.
Opera Garnier No Opera house - Not really necessary to go in. But you should walk all the way around it
Champs Elysees Free Champs Elysees - This is the famous boulevard that runs from the Arch de Triomphe to the Tuileries Gardens. When you walk on the north side go through some of the small malls. Check out the world Famous LIDO. You may want to see the show. Walk inside the front area and there are previews on the television sets
Latin Quarter Free Latin Quarter - This is the most lively area in Paris in the evening. My wife and I ended up here virtually every night we were in Paris. You should just walk up and down the streets. There are tons of different types of restaurants. I have eaten at a couple of Chinese ones. If you are fond of the Greek mystery meat, you should check out the Greek restaurants.


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