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Chateau de Chantilly

Metro: RER D direction Chantilly, trains from Gare du Nord

The Chateau is north of Paris. If I remember correctly, the train ride takes about 45 minutes. To get from the Train Station to the Chateau, you should take a taxi. It is a long walk. I went in the winter, so I'm not sure if there is other public transportation during the peak tourist season. I will make this a priority item on a return visit. I felt very rushed. It would be easy to spend an entire day here.

The Chatuau de Chantilly is built on a rock surrounded by water. The buildings were erected between the 14th and 19th century for the families of Orgemont, Montmorency, Bourbon-Conde, and Orleans. The Grand Chateau was razed to the ground during the revolution. It was rebuilt on the foundations of the 14th century Orgemont fortress.

The Park was designed in the 17th century by Andre le Notre (who also did Versailles and Vaux le Vicomte).

The Musee Conde. I was very impressed with the collection of paintings in this museum. There is a colleciton of paintings and drawings from the French School as well as many italian masterpieces. There is also a book collection, manuscripts, and 40 of Fouquets minatures.

They brochure I picked up claims that the Aerophile is the largest balloon in the world. I find that really hard to believe, but it is pretty big. Anyone can take a ride for a price of course!

I did not have time to visit The Living Horse Museum. The horses are housed in the stables next to the Chateau. It looks as nice as the castles. Being a horse must be a pretty good life here. They have equestrian shows during the first weekend of each month. There are 30 horses of different breeds, donkeys and ponies. There is horse racing track right in front of the stables. I assume they race, but I don't know when.

Above and below: View from the park looking back towards the Chateau

Above Galerie des Actions de Monsieur le Prince





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