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Can anyone top this record?

1. Aztec body & head
2. Super Soccer body & head
3. King Kool body & head
4. Dealer's Choice body
5. Big Ben Head
6. Space Mission head
7. One big dolly
8. Two overnight bags
9. 20 pinball legs
10. One large cooler
11. One briefcase
12. One large toolbox
13. Two middle aged kids (one very large)
14. And a partridge in a pear tree!

Gene Cunningham's Auction

4 EM's in a Montana!

25 miles from Bloomington, I had a blowout. I spent Friday night and early Saturday morning at Sears trying to get 2 tires. I barely made it for the start of the auction. So much for relaxing and drinking a few beers. This would be a great advertisement for the Montana. The van rode fine. It was not a low rider at all. The van has an air compressor that automatically levels the load. I was shocked by how well the van rode.
Top: Aztec, King Kool

Bottom: Super Soccer, Dealer's Choice

Believe it or not, the King Kool cleaned up fine. Here is the link to the game after Dave restored it if you don't believe me!

Dave's King Kool

I'll tell you what, It wasn't a very comfortable ride home.

NO PROBLEM ! There's always room for one more!

Actually, I left the body to a Jubilee that I bought in the dead zone. All I needed was the motor. I ended up stripping the transformer, chime unit, knocker unit, the door, all the relays, and the paperwork and I just threw them in the Dealer's Choice body. That damn thing was like carrying 2 games. Extremely heavy.

I bought the dead Dealer's Choice body and dead Jubilee body just to get a motor for my Toledo!


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